Fábio Magalhães

Fábio Magalhães works with self-reference painting. Metaphorically connecting images of his own body, feelings and banal situations, he aims at pointing out conditions inconceivable to be portrayed but through artifices and distortions of reality. As for this, his art pieces are the result of a modus operandi that makes part of the photographic universe and results in a kind of parallel reality, materialized in the universe of painting. In which, he creates contours of a disturbing reality.


Darryl “Joe Cool” Daniel explains how he landed the opportunity to draw the cover for Snoop Dogg’s “Doggystyle” album cover.

Darryl “Joe Cool” Daniel says he didn’t believe his cousin.

While incarcerated at California State Prison, Cochran in the early 1990s, Joe Cool says he sent his sister a drawing of their cousin, Snoop Dogg. When Snoop Dogg was visiting his sister one day, Joe Cool happened to get on the phone with Snoop Dogg.

“He told me he was rapping with Dr. Dre,” Joe Cool says during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “I told him, ‘That’s a Goddamn lie. Blow that smoke up somebody else’s ass. Put my sister back on the phone, lying-ass nigga.’ He’s like, ‘I’m serious, man. I’m rapping with Dr. Dre.’ I’m like, ‘OK. Alright.’ I said to my sister, ‘He rapping with N.W.A Dr. Dre?’ She said, ‘Yeah, he come out and get em.’ I said, ‘No shit. Put him back on the phone.’ I said, ‘Give me $25 dollars.’ He said, ‘Alright. I ain’t got no money right now, but I’ll send it to you…Joe, I’ma be the shit, man.’”

“Then he sent me that $25,” Joe Cool says. “That’s when I believed him.”

Joe Cool Says Snoop Dogg Urged Him To Get Off Drugs

Joe Cool was released from prison in 1992 and happened to be walking down the street in Long Beach when he met up with Snoop Dogg and Warren G. But Joe Cool, who was a crack addict, was high on sherm at the time.

Joe Cool says Snoop Dogg implored him to get clean. “‘Get yourself off that shit,’” Joe Cool says Snoop Dogg said to him. “ I want you to do my album cover, man. I’m doing Dre’s album. Then my album gonna come out.’ He said, ‘Get your shit together Joe Cool.’”

Joe Cool violated his parole and was incarcerated again, but he was released while “Deep Cover” was becoming one of 1992’s biggest rap songs. Joe Cool and Snoop Dogg saw each other soon thereafter.

“Snoop came to me and he told me, ‘I want you to draw my cover, man,’” Joe Cool says. “I said, ‘You serious?’ He said, ‘Yeah. We gonna pay you, gonna give you some money.’ He gave me the idea.  He said, ‘Well Dr. Dre really wants a picture of me on top of a doghouse, reaching over, feeling on a dog’s ass or something. But I want you to draw it, though. We’ll run it by Dre.’ Dre said, ‘Alright. Go ahead.’”

Joe Cool says he had his then-girlfriend Carla pose on his mother’s couch, which is what the doghouse and the female dog entering it on the cover are based on. He added his own sense of humor to the captions.

The result was the cover of Snoop Doggy’s 1993 Doggystyle album, a landmark release that has sold more than 6 million copies.

“I didn’t think it would be iconic, man,” says Joe Cool, who signs his art as “Joe Cizzool.” “And then when it sold as many as it sold, and I seen my shit up there, it just gave me…like damn. I can’t believe it. My artwork is out there, ‘cause Snoop let it come. He gave me the opportunity, man. He got me a little bit of 15 minutes of fame up in the world. It’s been 20 years, man. He gave me that opportunity. Man I love him for it.”

Today, Joe Cool tours as a hype man with Snoop Dogg and continues working with him as an artist, among other things. He has also been sober since September 28, 2003.

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